Musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy treatment for musculoskeletal pain involves the rehabilitation of patients with muscular and joint injuries. We treat patients with pain that is muscular, joint, tissue and neural in origin. This can include neck pain, low back pain, hip, knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder and elbow pain.
Sports Injuries


Sports Injuries

We specialise in treatment of sports injuries. Treatment involves rehabilitation of muscle and joint injuries, as well as returning patients to full fitness and function in sport. We are able to provide pre season training advice, sports specific exercise programs and advice regarding fitness and training programmes.
Pilates 1:1


Pilates 1:1

Pilates has been proven to be an effective treatment in preventing low back pain reoccurrence. It incorporates a series of gentle exercises and movement that help to increase the strength and stability in your core pelvis and back, these muscles help to support your lower back. Our physiotherapist can provide you with a Pilates exercise program and general advice on reducing low back pain.



Acupuncture is an eastern medical technique that we use as an adjunct to treatment. Acupuncture has been shown to be effective for a variety of conditions and helps to reduce pain.



Massage is known to relax muscles and improve healing. As well as providing massage within our physiotherapy treatments. We also can provide 40 minute massages for the neck, low back and shoulders. This is all provided by a trained physiotherapist.


Neurological Patients

We currently treat a number of patients with neurological conditions, such as head Injury, motor neuron disease, MS, polymicrongria, cerebral palsy, stoke and Parkinson’s disease. Treatment involves rehabilitation techniques, balance retraining, functional restoration programmes, mobility work and exercise programmes.


Home Visits

We are currently able to visit patients at home, if unable to visit the clinic. We can treat patients in Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.


Workstation Assessments and Car Assessments

Our physiotherapists are trained in occupational health so are able to complete workstation assessments and car assessments.